Whos dating jessica alba

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Chris Evans has reportedly dated a slew of Hollywood women, including Lily Collins, Minka Kelly, and most recently Jenny Slate.But his longest relationship was from 2001 to 2006, when a then-baby-faced, not-quite-famous Chris was in an on-off relationship with Jessica Biel, herself a youthful star struggling to build a movie career post Because they were a relatively low-key couple that pre-existed 24/7 blogs, there's not a ton of confirmed information about them on the internet.June, 2006: News breaks that the couple has called it quits; to this day there are no confirmed reports about why they ended their relationship. It’s not unusual to harbor far-out fantasies about getting close to some of our favorite stars one day.Chris plays Sid, the drug-addled ex-lover of Jessica's character.The two have some amazing on-screen chemistry, but the couple calls it quits only a few months after the movie premieres.We have seen Jeter with numerous ladies that we expected - and often hoped - he would finally settle down with. Jeter and Dutta were spotted together shortly after she won the 2000 Miss Universe Pageant. Dutta is one of the bigger stars in her native India courtesy of roles in Bollywood hits such as "Om Shanti Om" and "Billu Barber" which many of you may have seen.Every time the public has come to expect him to finally have found the 'one,' we get another one of those breakup tabloids. Many of you may remember the name Rachel Uchitel from the Tiger Woods saga. Jeter and Uchitel spent time together back in 2008.

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As a mom of two, a successful businesswoman, and an actress, you juggle a lot. I think that’s essential.”What are some of your favorite things to do together? It just depends what vacation is.”How did you get turned on to coconut water?

We even carry it in the diaper bag with us to the park or when we go out to eat.

I can get them to eat their vegetables if I can promise they get to drink their chocolate coconut water.”Do you cook a lot with coconut water at home? It’s great because you can make fresh things, a fresh marinade, or a fresh salad dressing. I think there’s something about it, just making it right there, because you can alter the taste to exactly what you’re making.”What are some of your go-to ingredients when making a homemade salad dressing? I think everything is good with lemon, salt, and fresh garlic—and you can add coconut water.

Following the break-up, Minnillo went on to correspond for Entertainment Tonight and appear in 2008's This was one of the shortstop's shorter relationships, lasting less than a year.

At the time Brewster was on CBS' longtime soap opera "As the World Turns." Brewster went on to a successful film career thanks to the Jeter and Alba supposedly dated for a short time back in 2004.

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