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(Dave and Les Jacobs / Blend Images) After being sick for nearly a decade with the symptoms of Lyme disease, jewelry designer Cheryl Laughlin was inspired to start scribbling bucket list ideas in the back of her daily planner.

Little did her longtime boyfriend, Caleb Porter, who also had the disease, know that her list included things he wanted to do before the bucket got kicked.

Larissa Lam of Los Angeles, however, offers a cautionary aspect of couples' bucket lists: Don't spring an adventure on your partner when she's out of town. Seven years into the marriage, she wants to head to Antarctica to see penguins.

Lam, a singer who also hosts an online advice call-in program, was on a business trip in Hong Kong when her new husband called to let her know he was about to take a class on training wild animals. Her husband has no desire to freeze his tush off to see flightless birds — but does make a point to give her all the articles he finds on travel to the South Pole. To get bucket list ideas and tips on how to set one up, to see how others are achieving a goal, or even to find out what the favorites are among nearly 290,000 members, go to

If you remember I have given away some of these amazing handbags in the past. You can also check out my second Koret handbag giveaway. This time I had the chance to review one of their newest handbags, not available until Spring 2013. Diving with manta rays in Hawaii was on Patty Behrens' bucket list.Although that wasn't on her husband Kevin's wish list, he was happy to join her."When partners plan for the future together, as long as there's flexibility in it, they're expressing a joint sense of hope about their lives together.Couples flourish when there are mutually agreed upon goals and dreams."In a 2000 study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, researchers looked at the connection between shared "novel and arousing" activities and the quality of a relationship.

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