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I think that you both have an instant likability factor!(Jennie, I can’t believe we both studied abroad in Alcala, Spain!!!Jennie adores RB, “He is my best friend, the first person I want to tell things to and the one I turn to for guidance, perspective, love, acceptance, understanding and strength.He is a perfect partner for me, and I can’t wait to become his wife.” We spent the afternoon strolling through Balboa Park in San Diego. This urban cultural park near downtown San Diego is over an acre and is filled with dozens of lush gardens, incredible architecture, museums, theaters, and the world-famous San Diego zoo.Jennie and RB love Balboa Park’s Spanish architecture and sprawling, picturesque buildings and gardens.

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I love getting glimpses into that tech-minded brain of his,” Jennie says.

His Southern charm and wonderful sense of humor kept her laughing.

Fast forward five years, and the happy couple are engaged to be married!

She prefers to be a quiet observer than the center of attention, and would rather stay in and cook dinner than go out. RB is a systems engineer and is most definitely not a planner, so he forces Jennie to step outside her comfort zone (and, despite her anxiety, things tend to work out just fine).

RB balances Jennie and consistently challenges her to be better.

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